Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Well done Juno!

Juno successfully entered Jupiter's orbit! 

Unfortunately you can't track Juno with DESA Satellite Tracker - DESA only tracks satellites orbiting earth.  You can however download a great app from NASA (also free) that allows you to track Juno in real time.

NASA's Eyes can be downloaded from: https://eyes.nasa.gov/

This great app from NASA also allows you to do much more like look at EXOPLANETS and track the ISS in real time (like DESA Satellite Tracker - but it also allows you to view the ISS close up in 3D).

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Awesome auroras on Jupiter

Wow! Awesome auroras on Jupiter captured by the Hubble Telescope. Read the full article here:

If you want to give Hubble a big thumbs up next time it passes over you, you can use DESA Satellite Tracker to track the Hubble (HST) in real time. HST is clearly visible with the naked eye.